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• In GMAC’s Corporate Survey Report the demand to hire MBA graduates from Asia Pacrific shows up strongest. For two consecutive years since 2017, 90% of employers felt ready to offer jobs exclusively to those from the Asia Pacific, making the region the most sought after for hiring MBA grads.

• In Asia Pacific there is a 93% hiring demand for MBA grads to enter the healthcare industry, 89% in technology and 85% in energy/utility.

• 57% of companies in the region shared that they preferred to place MBA graduates in strategic roles.

Useful Information:

• Don’t underestimate the benefits an internship could bring to your professional development. Nidhi comments:

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The role of an internship in any graduate’s life has arguably always been important. It continues to be an avenue to employment for many business school graduates. The study stated that MBA internships are offered by most employers in Asia Pacific and the United States, while business master’s internships are offered by most employers in Europe.

• Whatever your cultural background, make sure you research the scholarship opportunities offered by the business school you’re applying to. There are many grants and financial aid options available to candidates who hold a specific citizenship.

Source: Entrepreneur