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• Students who choose to do an online MBA compared to the traditional on-campus option are older. At Deakin, the average age of online students is 38, while those on-campus are 30-32.

• Studying for an online MBA is not necessarily as easy as one might think. Most online students still have to balance taking care of their family and working full-time.

• Females make up 38% of Deakin Business School’s online students, compared to roughly 25% globally. Higgins adds:

Selected Quote:

There’s a lot more consciousness in males about family responsibilities. They say: “No, I’m sorry — I need to be at home because it’s my child’s birthday,” or “I can’t come come to a weekend class because I’ve made a commitment to my children that I will be at their sporting activities.” I think there’s a shift in that spread of family responsibilities. That shift drives more demand for the online rather than the on-campus offering because of that extra flexibility.

• Analytics conducted on Deakin Business School’s online MBA program show the highest student engagement in two periods: between 4am and 6am and 8pm and midnight.

• Higgins is observing a significant decline in on-campus participation at Deakin Business School, and a preference towards online components. Still, MBA students of the school can freely choose to move between both modes of instruction.

Useful Information:

Online learning is becoming increasingly interactive. The online platforms many universities use promote teamwork and deep thinking through discussions, video chats and recordings. Prospective applicants shouldn’t underestimate the learning experience and the skills they can gain through the online environment.

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Source: Financial Review