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Quick Facts:

  • The MBA generalist degree exposes students to a wide range of business disciplines, while a specialized MBA degree focuses on a specific branch of business, such as digital marketing or corporate finance.
  • A generalist MBA degree will equip you with a strong business foundation, enabling you to understand all of the various departments of a firm and how they work together to offer a given service.
  • If you are unsure of the business sector you would like to work in, a generalist MBA program is the safer choice for you, as it will give you the flexibility to try different career paths.

Useful Information:

  • Having a specialized MBA degree along with an internship might help you secure a lucrative position in the current competitive job market.
  • Unlike the diverse classroom a generalist MBA offers, the specialized program will unite individuals sharing similar experience and knowledge. Stacy shares a drawback of studying for a specialized MBA degree:

Selected Quote: 

While specializing in a certain area of business is fine, note that a specialized MBA can be limiting. One could even argue that you should just earn a degree in that specialty instead. Depending on the post-graduation career path you have chosen, by specializing you could inadvertently pigeonhole yourself and narrow your job prospects, especially if you are a career changer.

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Source: Stacy Blackman