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  • There is increased demand for MBA graduates who are tech-savvy and understand how recent advancements in technology are impacting business across many industries.
  • Experts advise MBA grads to learn the required tech language of a company in order to improve communication with engineers.
  •  There is some stigma against MBA graduates looking to enter a tech industry. That is because most tech companies prefer to focus on improving the tech components of their products rather than attending to management. David Cancel, co-founder and CEO of Drift, adds:

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For early stage startups, it's difficult to find a position for someone with an MBA – and they likely won't be appreciated as much as they could be elsewhere. However, as companies grow and scale, the skills of team members with MBAs can be invaluable.

  • Tech companies need more than just their winning product— they need a creative and functioning marketing strategy that will make their business grow and reach new heights. An MBA grad can bring that to the table, providing critical thinking, as well as the ability to solve challenging financial and legal issues.
  • While tech companies are mainly filled by engineers, an MBA will help you land senior leadership roles.
  • Some business schools are focusing more on teaching hard skills such as predictive analytics and project-based learning, which tech companies find attractive in a job candidate.

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  •  MBA applicants who are seeking a job in a tech industry after graduation, should focus on choosing a curriculum which emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship. Tech companies are seeking students who are autonomous and run with ideas, leading projects with confidence.


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