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  • GMAC reports that 89% of MBA grads immediately secured a full-time job in the last year, with half of them earning salaries of $125,000 and higher. 24% of graduates entered service industries, 14% in finance and accounting and 13% in consulting.
  • According to Steven Lam, co-founder and CEO of GoGoVan, too many MBA graduates resort to establishing themselves in common careers instead of exploring innovative companies and developing new skills relevant for the future.
  • After dropping out of high school, and later enrolling in an MBA, Steven’s professor in Business Ethics, Alan Ross inspired the young student by saying:

Selected Quote:

We are here to give you guys education. But education means building society, the world, in a lot of different angles…

  • In 2018, GMAC states that only 11% of MBA grads accepted government and NGO positions, and 6% in healthcare. Business professionals are needed now more than ever to use their leadership, planning, and management skills to solve important issues facing modern society such as poverty, disease and environmental protection.

Useful Information:

  • We all need money to survive, feel secure and that may lead us to believe that the usual 9 to 5 job with a great salary will leave us feeling satisfied. However, as Steven points out, until we build something of our own, create jobs, or get the chance to change an industry, we don’t really grasp the power of our potential as skilled and influential individuals.


    Source: CNBC