If you are pursuing a career in management, this video by EYN.tv might help you with your choice. It lists the top 10 MBA management specialisations, giving a brief explanation of each programme and the reasons as to why it would be useful to undertake them.

Here are the programmes:

Financial management

This programme is suitable for students interested in financial consulting, investment banking or other finance-related professions. Financial management will prepare you for various subjects related to finance, such as costing, budgeting, banking, etc.

Marketing management

A specialisation in marketing will hone your skills in developing business plans and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a business. Moreover, it will help you understand customer and market behaviour and learn the marketing skills of various products and services.

Corporate social responsibility management

CSR management studies include nature management and environments of different types of organisations. It provides you with skills and knowledge to manage a business society for the benefit of the people.

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Operations management

Operations management prepares you to administer business practices as well as to achieve a high level of efficiency within a company. Its essence lies in production and manufacturing, including process flow, vendor communications and optimal business operations.

Information technology management

As technology is continuously changing, business nowadays requires managers who can easily adapt to innovations. This specialisation provides IT students with skills for planting and implementing current and emerging information and communication technologies.

International business management

If you are interested in international marketing, sales expansion, resource acquisition or risk minimisation, this might be the right option for you. It offers you an understanding of international operations as a whole.

Human resource (HR management)

The MBA in HR management will teach you how to handle recruitment operations as well as talent, retention and reward management. The HR function aims to maximise employee performance in service of the employer’s strategic function.

Rural management

This programme will provide you with knowledge of how to plan, organise, and control corporations. The main focus of the programme is on rural business in the marketing field.

 Agribusiness management

Undertaking this specialisation, you will learn how to manage companies which process, market and merchandise agricultural products. You must understand the management, marketing, and finance function with an emphasis on the specialised requirements of the agribusiness industry.

Healthcare management

Healthcare management covers the core business skills and practices related to the healthcare industry. It gives you an opportunity to interact with hospital administrators, medical practice managers and a wide variety of other roles.

These are the top 10 MBA management specialisations. Choose wisely!