Top MBA programmes are highly selective with admission rates about 15%. They attract thousands of applicants. It is always a challenge to stand out. Lean what milestones you can make you successful.

Do not just apply. Make the most of your application for admission and scholarships. There is no point of just giving it a try. A place in the waiting list or a rejection letter is not worth your time and effort.

Get admitted to a top MBA with a focused and highly effective strategy. Understand the myths and reality in top MBA admissions.

You can watch recording from the webinar here:

Expert advice

This exclusive webinar was  conducted in partnership with Cours Colbert - one of the most dynamic MBA consulting and GMAT preparation companies in Western Europe.

The presenter, Riadh Hamida has an MBA from HEC Paris. He is the lead admissions coach and CEO at Cours Colbert. His advice is based on personal experience, success stories and lessons learnt by helping a diverse pool of international applicants gain admission and scholarships in their dream MBAs in Europe and North America.