MBA and Master`s School Selection

How to select a school?

As soon as you decide to pursue graduate studies, you must focus on identifying the schools which are good for you. These schools should help you reach your goals, be the right fit for your profile and be financially affordable. School selection is very important in order to ensure a good chance of admission. More importantly, selecting your schools very carefully will directly affect the value of your study experience and the return on your investment. There are over 10,000 business and management programmes in the world. This gives you a great choice, but also the challenge of how to select the best for you in this huge diversity. There are several steps which can put you on the right path.

# 1 Start with an evaluation of your profile.

This will give you an idea about how admissions committees will look at your application, as well as what types of programmes will be a good fit for you. You will also have feedback about your strengths and areas of improvement and have the milestones of your effective application strategy.

# 2 Make a list of all your criteria

for selecting the schools where you will potentially apply. There a number of steps to follow so that you get the best results when selecting schools and programmes.

# 3 You should be very realistic about your budget

in order to select an affordable programme. You should identify all needed sources of funding in advance including scholarships or loans. You do not want to gain admission but not be able to begin your studies because of insufficient funding for your tuition and living expenses.

# 4 Start to review school profiles

which allow easy comparison. You will learn a lot from this and may even wish to make some changes to your initial set of criteria.

# 5 Meet schools

to get to know them, check all important details and get a feel for the schools' culture. Take every chance to meet school representatives, visit a campus or attend open classes.