ARINGO MBA Admissions Consulting is a boutique admissions service that helps candidates receive acceptance to all top MBA programs. 


ARINGO MBA Admissions Consulting - Application Process Support Services

ARINGO MBA Admissions Consulting was founded 16 years ago and helps candidates with their application process to top MBA programs such as Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Kellogg, Chicago, UCLA, Berkeley Yale Oxford, Cambridge, London Business School INSEAD and many others.

ARINGO ‘s statistics are verified by a big-4 accounting firm, which is why they do not work with any candidate. ARINGO selects candidates they believe have a high chance of acceptance to top schools. ARINGO also specializes in working with candidates from diverse backgrounds and or low GMAT scores.


ARINGO offers 3 options:

  • Hourly Services - Pay as you go for time spent
  • Silver Package - Fixed application services for a limited budget
  • Full School Package - Unlimited, comprehensive support

ARINGO offers the following services:

  • The Strategy Stage – Strategy development formulated by ARINGO’s 4-person strategy Round Table team (CBS, Stanford, HBS and LBS alumni)
  • The Recommender stage – selection & letter guidance
  • The Essays – Essay guidance, critique, and editing
  • The Resume – CV review and formulation to highlight achievements, community service, work history, and educational background
  • Second view: Each and every document is reviewed by an additional ARINGO Senior Consultant
  • ‘Test Drive’ – Each school application is reviewed by a school specialists to ensure your application is tailored to what that specific school is looking for
  • Interview Prep – Interview guidance for each interview by an admissions interview expert (2 sessions per school)
  • Waitlist Campaign – Tailored help composing effective waitlist letters.
Instructors and Coaches

ARINGO consultants are literally the best in the industry. Our team includes a great mixture of veteran consultants with years of experience in the MBA admission field, and MBA grads from the top MBA programs with insider knowledge of the admission process and experience as admission committee members and admission interviews.



I had my initial phone consultation with Jenifer, the company CEO, whom was very generous with her time. At the time, I had a 640 gmat and having spoken to several other consulting firms, they were reluctant to start working with me until I improved my gmat score, given that I was targeting only the top 5 MBA programs in the world. Jenifer on the other hand, whilst still believed that it was a long shot for me to get accepted into my dream schools, decided that I should proceed with an hourly package to at least start working on my applications.
Before working with ARINGO I worked with a couple of other consultants and I think what really differentiates them is the they always focus on the “big picture”. They do a very good job of learning everything about your background so as to extract the best stories that will likely form the foundation of the essays. Other consultants often tend to dwell on the language and grammar in the essays which I came to believe are not as important as the life experiences themselves that are being told. I got accepted into each of Wharton, MIT, and LBS. I have enrolled into Wharton and look forward to start the program this coming fall with the class of 2020.

A.H. Wharton MBA 2020


I’ve looked over my applications, and it’s clear how much you helped me understand myself better and present the best version of myself for my dream schools.
It would not have ended as it did without you, and I am grateful for your help.

A.A. Harvard MBA 2020


I’d like to take the time now and say thanks to ARINGO! The services you provide are indispensable, and I think, like I’m sure that many of your clients do, that I couldn’t have been admitted to INSEAD without you.

Further, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Danielle Marom. She has put a lot of effort in my application to INSEAD, and my personal story was reflected in the essays in the best way I can imagine!

One point that is, to my mind, the most important one about Danielle is her commitment. Though she was heading to the US for a private vacation towards the application deadline, she’s still polished my essays up until a few hours before her flight. As a customer, the time before the application deadline is the most sensitive one, a time when although the application is 99.9% done, you feel you can’t really settle for less than a 100%.

I can’t think of something more I’d expect from a consultant. I hope for you that all of ARINGO’s consultants have Danielle’s commitment and attention to their applicants :)



To Lainie and the entire Aringo team,
I really want to thank you for the support, guidance and most importantly for the results.
Lainie was just amazing to work with, I feel that she really managed to help me represent myself in the best way possible. Throughout the process she was always there for me, brainstorming ideas with me, connecting me to relevant people and making me feel as I’m her only client (I wasn’t)

Aringo has an amazing process, making sure that the application submitted will be in its best form.

In retrospect, after getting into a couple of top schools, and receiving a significant scholarship from one, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

Thank you so much!

R.K. Columbia MBA 2020


ARINGO, I’m on a plane right now heading to Seattle, and I wanted to say thank you. In January we set up a tough challenge – to get admitted into an MBA program and start it this year. You helped me get things in order, understand where I stand and use all the resources to succeed. Working with you was pleasant, thorough and inspiring. I’m so glad that we’ve met and I’m sure many others will enjoy working with you! It was intens and fun.
That’s it, I’m going to school :) Thanks again!

I really enjoyed the personal treatment I got at ARINGO, right from the first contact you make they give you professional advice about how to proceed at every stage. After the initial orientation you get assigned to a specific counselor and begin the process of writing your application. My counselor was excellent and gave me very valuable advice and answers along the way.

D.B. Harvard MBA 2019


Hourly Packages - Pay as you go for time spent (5 HOURS)

Price: $1150


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Hourly Packages - Pay as you go for time spent (7 HOURS)

Price: $1600


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Hourly Packages - Pay as you go for time spent (10 HOURS)

Price: $2120


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Full School Package - Unlimited, comprehensive support

Price: Starting at $4650


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Denver, Colorado, USA


Price: $1150



Price: $1600