We think of ourselves as GMAT coaches rather than tutors. We will help you dominate the GMAT, and in the process, we give you the strategies and tactics you need to excel at a top MBA program and beyond. 


"Deciding to study for the GMAT with Joe and Anish was the best decision I've made..."

Deciding to study for the GMAT with Joe and Anish was the best decision I've made, regarding studying for the exam, for many reasons. I truly encourage anyone who's seeking a +700 score to pay them a visit. Here are a few reasons on why these guys are the best choice when enrolling at a GMAT course:

1) First and foremost: The GMAT is a means to an end, they know it and they don't just "prepare you to ace the GMAT". I remember I spent my first 30 minutes with them sharing my objectives, concerns, schools I'm aiming for, etc. Later, through the course, they would share with me insights of those schools, ask me key questions to organise my thinking process and, while studying, keep focus on what I was really pursuing I want to emphasise this point because along the way, you are going to get frustrated a lot, but these guys will always help and encourage you to keep moving forward. They don't want you just to score a high grade, they want to help you reach your end goal - get in a business school. Wrapping up: Personal cheering crowd and coaches is a must have and as far as I know, you won't find it everywhere

2) The studying material they provide are more than mere photocopies or summaries from a book. You can clearly tell they update and renew their material to be up to date. Additionally, they keep this material online in such a way that it can be customised for each student, allowing you to focus on your improvement opportunities.

3) Working Late? Live in the middle of nowhere? Feeling bad enough to stay in bed but not bad enough to skip classes? No worries. Classes can be set up via Skype or Hangouts. This flexibility helped me a bunch of times! I admit I wasn't convinced this was an advantage before starting the course... later I understood it's super handy (like doing home office on a sunny Friday haha)

4) It wasn't a huge differential for me, but if you are struggling with the Verbal section, having classes with two native Americans is definitely a plus

5) Last but not least: remember that GMAT courses are not miracle workers - you are sitting for the exam, not them. On that note, what I can say is that if you are really into the GMAT and are a demanding student, Merchant GMAT will positively to that and keep up with the challenge. I can't say the same thing for the others courses!


You've read so far... stop thinking about it and set up a meeting with them!


Thanks again Joe and Anish!



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