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Sherpa Prep is one of the highest rated providers of GMAT and GRE preparation services and admissions consulting in the world. 

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Nafeez serves as President of Sherpa Prep and has over 12 years of experience as a GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT instructor. He scored in the 99th percentile on his own exams and co-authored the company's five textbooks and app. He graduated summa cum laude and holds graduate degrees from Wharton (business management), Johns Hopkins (finance), and Georgetown (real estate). Nafeez has a diverse professional background that includes corporate real estate acquisitions, institutional financial advisory services (mergers and acquisitions, shareholder proxy fights), faculty-level academic research on technological innovation, and successful entrepreneurial endeavors in real estate, finance, and education.


"A 5-star Yelp review doesn't even begin to do Sherpa Prep justice. Sherpa provides outstanding and effective test preparation for all verbal and quant levels, and I mean all. Sherpa helped me raise my GMAT score by over 200 points."

- James

"My instructor was Nafeez and the way he teaches is very detailed and insightful. If you have a question never will you feel scared to ask and he will always explain it out to you. The classes might be 3.5 hours but they went by so fast because he incorporates inspirational tips of what business school wants/is, what the GMAT is about, the psychological factors on test day, etc. which also gives a refreshing perspective and makes you strive harder to reach your goal."

- Fortuna

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