In this video Travis Morgan – Director of Admissions Consulting at Veritas Prep – replies to this question from a prospective MBA applicant who wants to apply to five business schools and is already planning how to select his recommenders in the most effective way.

Travis Morgan highlights that:

Recommendations can be one of the most stressful parts of applying to a business school.

He explains that there are several factors that applicants have to consider when planning their MBA recommendations. First, each business school has its own recommendation forms. There is no “common recommendation form” that can be used, even though some of the questions that B-schools ask can be quite similar.

Another aspect of receiving the recommendations is that having to prepare several can be quite a burden for one recommender. Normally, recommenders have busy schedules and writing a strong recommendation takes time. Ultimately, you are asking your recommenders for a favour and you wouldn’t want to put too much pressure on them.

Find out all the details and examples in the video.


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About Travis Morgan

After receiving his MBA with Distinction from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Travis relocated to Southern California and joined the Veritas Prep team as one of the few to serve as both a GMAT Instructor and an MBA Admissions Consultant. While receiving top reviews from every client as a Veritas Prep Head Consultant, Travis also managed to win the 2011 Worldwide GMAT Instructor of the Year award and was invited to join our team full time.

A professional journalist and award-winning writer and public speaker, Travis originally started advising clients years ago as a volunteer employment specialist for LDS Employment Services in his home town of Seattle. Having served on the Kellogg Diversity & Inclusion Council and interviewed countless candidates for its Admissions Committee, he brings an insider’s perspective, a contagious passion and years of experience to the Veritas Prep team.