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  • Overthinking your recommendations strategy will only stress you out and waste time. Admission committees don’t expect everything written about you to be perfect. If your recommender paints you as a demi-god, the recommendation loses its authenticity. Kristen Moss, Stanford GSB’s former Director of MBA admissions says:

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The recommendation is “about about bringing this person alive. How, if they left tomorrow, would [the] organization have been touched in a unique way.

  • Dean of Admissions at Standford GSB, Derrick Bolton, advises candidates to make sure that the letters are specific. Also, you should review the letter and note done anecdotes which demonstrate the needed qualities and competencies of the university program you apply to.
  • Soojin Kwon Koh, Director of Admissions at Ross School of Business suggests choosing a recommender who will bring substance to your application opposed to mearly their professional title as CEO. She also reminds candidates to make the process easy for your recommender by reminding them of specific examples of your skills and qualities, and of course giving them enough time to write the letter.

Useful Information:

  • It can be tough to organize and manage your recommendation letters if applying to several programs. Remember to stay positive, and treat it like a project you’re given at your job: professionally and with the deadline in mind.

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Source: AIGAC