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  • Your recommender will most likely need guidance on how to write your recommendation. As they might also be pressed for time, and there is no way they could remember all of your achievements, it is a good idea to let them know how you envision it.
  • Focus on five positive characteristics or skills that you mentioned in your application essay, so your recommender can match them in their recommendation, along with examples. This will give the admissions team a clear understanding of you as a leader and a potential student at their school. Stacey gives a written example of initiative as a characteristic:

Selected Quote:

Last year, when I learned that international sales were declining, I took it upon myself to research the competitive landscape and learned of two recent market entrants. I then offered to lead a team to analyze these new competitors and develop a strategy for regaining our market share. Our team of five analysts proposed a solution after one week of work. The solution was implemented and within six months, we had regained 5% of lost market share.

Useful Information:

  • Writing the recommendation letter yourself is a bad idea. The admissions team might recognize your writing style. If your recommender is not enthusiastic about the process, then you will be better off finding someone else who will present you in a positive, professional light. If you are worried about their level of English, then hiring a translator is the way to go.
  • Make sure to remind your recommender to list examples with facts to support everything they state about you. This will give your letter credibility.
  • While not hassling them, do not let your recommender miss the deadline for submitting the letter. Choose someone who takes responsibility for the task and approaches it seriously.

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Source: Stacy Blackman