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Quick Facts:

  • Round 1 MBA deadlines are near. Contact your recommender to make sure they haven’t forgotten the time they have left to submit your letter.
  • Most likely, your recommender will ask you to check over the letter to confirm that what they’ve written is in line with the rest of your application.
  • Remind your recommender to give specific examples to back up your strengths and positive character traits. This may include the way you interact with colleagues, or successful results of projects you have led. 
  • A great recommendation letter achieves a balance between information that presents you both personally and professionally.
  • Sharing funny anecdotes is an excellent way to illustrate your personality. Stacy adds:

Selected Quote:

If your recommenders don’t intend to share what they’ve written, don’t worry! Chances are you asked them to do this very important task because you know they’re competent people who will try their best to set you apart from the pack. But if they do ask for any advice as the deadlines near, just be sure to drive home the importance of going heavy on the examples.

 Useful Information:

  • Thanking your recommender after submitting the letter is a sign of respect for their time and effort.

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Source: Stacy Blackman