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• Presenting an MBA recommender with a recommendation package demonstrates strong motivation and professionalism. Also, it helps you organize your time better. UCLA Anderson alum explains:

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Being a bit of a planner,” I wanted to make sure that I reduced the stress of having to create the recommendations while at the same ensure that they get completed in a timely manner.

• Split your recommendation package into nine sections with headings.

•  Here is what should be included in the package: a thank you note, why you want to get an MBA, your list of schools with deadlines, required questions from each school, your relationship (how it started and any work completed together), a list of your accomplishments, your short and long term goals, some tips, and any additional questions they should consider.

•  Below is Grant Me Admission’s layout for a killer recommendation package.

Your MBA Recommendation Package (Quick Reads)

Your MBA Recommendation Package (Quick Reads)

Useful Information:

•  The three areas which should be discussed in your recommendation letter are business skills, intellectual capacity, and character. Your recommender should mention components from at least two of the areas.

•  Examples of business skills are work habits, self-control in stressful situations, creativity, ability to motivate others, good judgment, problem solving and analysis.

•  Some components which illustrate your intellectual capacity include: research methods, fluency in other languages, mental agility, healthy skepticism, and scholarly interests.

•  An often overlooked but critical aspect of your recommendation is your character. Consider focusing on your ethics, integrity, dependability, initiative, sense of humor, and relationships that have had an impact on your personal development.

Who will you choose to be your recommender? 

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Source: Grant Me Admission