Dublin and Ireland as a whole offer one of the most attractive environments for doing business today. If you have been considering an upgrade to your business competencies or if you are looking for a fresh start, the MBA at UCD Smurfit School can help you build your career success.

In this webinar, Jessica Dowling, MBA Admissions Manager at the Irish institution, gives a handy overview of their MBA program. Naman Kumar and Fernando Marinho Muller, both current MBA students, also contribute their personal stories and journeys. Finally, you can get a grasp of the career support and prospects available at UCD Smurfit thanks to Mark Davies, MBA Careers Manager at the school.

What is the MBA application process?

Let’s start by summarizing some essential information about beginning your MBA studies in Dublin. UCD Smurfit School has rolling admissions which means there is no strict deadline for applying. The MBA program accepts new applications until the class fills up.

Here are the requirements you need to fulfil to be eligible for the MBA:

  • Minimum 3 years of professional work experience

This should exclude any internships or part-time work that you may have in your CV/resume. Professionals need to have consistent growth in their work or even some managerial experience to show that they are ready to embark on their MBA journey.

  • University degree

If you do not have a university degree, contact UCD Smurfit School via email for more information regarding the next steps to take in your application.

  • 3 short essays (300 words each)
  • 2 recommendation letters from current or former employers
  • 15-minute video interview (for full-time MBA only)
  • CV/resume
  • GMAT score
  • English-language certificate

This type of test score is only necessary if your first language is not English.

What are the available scholarship opportunities?

MBA applicants have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to financial aid. Some of the scholarships at UCD Smurfit School include merit- and needs-based scholarships, scholarships for international students, entrepreneur-based scholarships, GMAT scholarships, and more.

As Jessica Dowling points out, applying for a scholarship is a straightforward and simple process. There is no separate application. You just need to get acquainted with the different options and then indicate the specific scholarship you are interested in within the MBA application form online.

If you are curious to hear the feedback and personal experience of two current students at UCD Smurfit School, watch the full recording of the webinar. Do not miss out on the short panel discussion with Naman Kumar and Fernando Marinho Muller.

What would your career in Ireland and beyond look like?

MBA careers manager Mark Davies also offered advice in this interactive webinar and highlighted the opportunities for career success at UCD Smurfit School.

Despite the challenges of 2020, latest data shows that graduates from UCD have been successful in their post-MBA career. For example, 100% of professionals in the full-time MBA class of 2020 were employed five months after graduation. It might also be interesting to discover that most students prefer to stay in Ireland after their MBA. About 96% of the class of 2020 accepted local job offers. It is important to mention that Ireland has a two-year stay-back visa. “If you complete a graduate Master’s with us, you can apply for a two-year stay-back visa, which is not tied to an employer and you don’t need to be sponsored. This gives you the flexibility to stay in the country and explore your options here,” highlights Jessica Dowling earlier in the webinar.

As a capital city, Dublin is also a well-known technology hub which means there are plenty of career opportunities in this sector. Each year about a third of MBA graduates from UCD Smurfit School join tech companies, says Mark Davies. Consulting is another popular destination for professionals locally.

If you are interested in gaining more detailed information about opportunities for career success at UCD Smurfit School, watch the full webinar recording. Catch the panel discussion to learn more about the personal experience of two current MBA students in Dublin.