Canada has so much to offer in terms of top-notch business programs, rewarding career paths, and high quality of life.

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Join Vivian Tran, Manager of Recruitment & Admissions at UBC Sauder School of Business in Vancouver, in this insightful webinar to learn more about the MBA experience in one of the world’s top destinations.

Welcome to Vancouver

Did you know that Vancouver has been ranked one of the most livable cities in North America and the world? This lively melting pot situated on Canada’s west coast is also considered the country’s fastest growing metropolitan economy. Its proximity to emerging Asia-Pacific markets further makes it an attractive business destination for globally minded professionals.

If you opt for the UBC Sauder Full-time MBA, you will have the opportunity to spend 16 months in this bustling city as part of your studies. The 2021 academic year starts in August.

Choose your career track

The full-time MBA at UBC Sauder has four career tracks that class participants can choose from, Ms. Tran explains in the webinar. Each track focuses on a specific discipline while broadening your understanding of business. Take a look:

Technology & Analytics Leadership

This is a new career track suitable for anyone interested in using data to make strategic business decisions. It covers hot topics such as data visualization, AI commercialization, customer analytics, and fintech.


The track includes topics and classes such as investment theory, asset pricing, and managerial economics.

Product & Service Management

Brand management, market research, and digital marketing are just some of the focus areas you can explore in this career track.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Dive into social and technology entrepreneurship and develop sustainable business solutions with this MBA career track.

Keep in mind that MBA students can also create their own custom track according to their interests. This option is especially valuable if you are considering career in consulting.

Fulfil the admission requirements

There’s no need to wonder how you can gain admission to this MBA program because the process is explained in detail during the webinar. Here’s how you should prepare step by step:

  • Ensure your GPA is 76% or equivalent.
  • Submit a GMAT score of 650 or GRE score of 320+.
  • Demonstrate at least two years of work experience.
  • Prepare two professional references.
  • Complete several small essays in written and video format.
  • Take an English proficiency test and score 7 for the IELTS or 100 for the TOEFL.
  • Show up for a personal interview during the last stage of admission.

Vivian Tran also adds an important piece of advice when it comes to English proficiency tests. If you are considering permanent residency in Canada after your MBA, you might want to take the IELTS because this is the required test for your permanent residency application.

Do you have more questions about growing your career in Vancouver with an MBA? Watch the webinar until the end to catch the full Q&A discussion. The answers you are looking for might be already there!