Choosing your MBA or Executive MBA is an important step for your professional development and can open many doors to new opportunities and experiences. It can help you redefine your personal goals and develop new business skills, which you can later employ in your career. These two webinars with ESCP Business School representatives are useful for both MBA and Executive MBA applicants alike. Discover the benefits of ESCP’s programs and hear current participants and alumni’s personal take on the journey.

Current EMBA 2022 attendee Roustam Timorshin, alongside 2019 EMBA alumnus Luca Pasqualotto, share some valuable advice based on their experience, and Marta Leonardi, Head of Recruiting Executive MBA and General Management Program (GMP), will tell you more about what makes the program unique.

Why should you choose ESCP Business School?

First place is important, and ESCP takes the lead in historical terms. Established in 1819, it was the world’s first business school. During those 202 years it has built six campuses in Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid, Turin and Warsaw, all of which you can have the chance to experience during your EMBA. It has 65,000 active alumni in more than 150 countries worldwide.

ESCP takes pride in its international diversity with 104 Executive MBA participants from 36 nationalities. The professors have strong corporate backgrounds and an international CV. You can learn from the best while exchanging cultural experience with other participants coming from different professional backgrounds.

What makes the Executive MBA (EMBA) desirable among professionals?

ESCP’s Executive MBA program is the number one EMBA in Italy and in first place worldwide for career progression. Marta takes the time to explain in depth the program’s structure, which consists of nine core courses, which can be taken as a stand-alone program called General Management Program (GMP), and also 10 electives, five international seminars and one international consultancy project. She points out that during the program you will have the choice to either go to a campus of reference, do a rotation among all the campuses, or take the nine courses fully remotely.

Later she talks about the length which is between 18 to 30 months, depending on the structure you choose. It is flexible and you can arrange it around your work schedule or postpone it if necessary. Rustam then shares his experience regarding the program’s flexibility and how he can combine the EMBA with his work life and achieve balance.

What are the admission requirements?

Marta points out the main requirements for applying for an EMBA program. Some of them are:

  • A minimum of five years of professional experience, including managerial
  • Good academic and career progression
  • International background
  • Proficiency in English

The three steps you need to go through are the online application, an English test and the selection interview.

For more information about the EMBA admission requirements and fees, and a useful Q&A with the guest speakers, watch the full webinar.

Why should you do an MBA at ESCP?

Veronica Polichetti, Admissions and Program Manager at ESCP Business School, is joined by alumna Shu Chen (Cecilia) to talk about the advantages and opportunities that come with an MBA degree at ESCP. After a quick introduction about the school, Veronica shares the program’s main objectives such as accelerating young professionals’ careers, orienting it towards international management responsibilities and developing skills to work in multicultural teams. Then she gives the virtual floor to Cecilia, who gives her perspective on the importance of pursuing an MBA and why she chose ESCP in particular.

The diversity you get from the different campuses and the variety of cultural backgrounds of your fellow students will give you a unique perspective and international experience which you can then use in your professional journey. This was the case for Cecilia.

What is the program like?

ESCP’s MBA is a 10-month, full-time program. You can select two countries with 24 electives to choose from, two company consultancy projects in two countries, four international seminars and three MBA accreditations. For your first semester, from September to February, you can choose to study in either London, Paris or Turin, and for the second, you can choose between Berlin, Madrid and Paris. Veronica goes into detail about the company consultancy projects, where you can work as a consultant with two companies in two different countries. For more information watch the full webinar.

What is the application process?

Veronica goes on to share the two steps of the application process. The first one is the online application which includes:

  • Previous degree certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Professional reference
  • Passport/ID
  • CV
  • Admission test (GMAT or equivalent) – SHL with ESCP Business School
  • English test (IELTS (L7), TOEFL (100), Cambridge (C1/2), English test with ESCP Business School)

The second step is the online interview with the academic dean, alumni, and business professionals.

Before the Q&A she goes into detail about ESCP’s fees, grants and scholarships they can offer. To learn more and hear her answer the webinar participants’ questions, watch the full video.