If you are looking for a diverse and international experience for your Master’s degree, Ireland might be the place for you. Known as the Silicon Valley of Europe, Dublin is home to the European headquarters of some of the major US tech companies. Find out more about Ireland’s top university and how it can benefit your business career.

In UnimyPrep’s latest webinar you can get a taste of what a Master’s degree in UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is like, coming directly from two of the school’s admissions managers - Richard Murphy and Patrick Smith. They are joined by three current students who shared their experiences and why they chose UCD Smurfit School. You will also hear from Jola Meagher who is the International Student Liaison Officer. She talked about the support that the international office can give students. Watch the full webinar to hear her questions for the three panelists and the Q&A at the end led by Laura Keely, also part of the admissions office.

Why should you study in Ireland?

Ireland is home to some of the big shot tech companies, not to mention the world’s leading medtech, pharma, and biopharma companies. UCD Smurfit School has internationally recognized programs and is the country’s top business school. During the pandemic, Ireland proved to be very resilient, and a quick bounce back is expected across many industries, making it a desirable study and work destination.

What does UCD Smurfit School have to offer?

As a UCD Smurfit student, you will be a part of a world-class network of business leaders. There are around 100,000 active alumni around the globe. It is the most employable university in Ireland and graduates are known to work for the world’s top companies. The university offers Master’s programs for non-business students as well, so you don’t necessarily have to come from that kind of undergraduate background. There is also a great career team on campus ready to prepare you for future job applications.

As Richard mentions, Ireland is very open to foreign students and encourages foreign direct investment and the mobility of students. To those who come from a country that requires a visa, UCD Smurfit School offers a two-year stay-back visa which allows you to work in Ireland for two years after you graduate from your Master’s.

Meanwhile, the three current students offer insights into the benefits of being a Smurfit student and what made them choose this particular school.

What kind of support is offered at UCD Smurfit?

After the three student panelists shared their valuable experience, Jola Meagher took over to give an overview of the student support systems. If you come from outside Ireland, you are offered international assistance which includes:

  • Five global centers and UCD Global
  • Relocation to Ireland
  • Accommodation
  • Immigration and visas
  • Support with English language
  • Integration (events)
  • Cultural adaptation and international cultural development

She then listed the holistic support the school offers like International Student Liaison Officer, Student Adviser, Student Desk, Global Immigration Officer, Student Union Welfare Office, Intercultural Development and Support, Student Health Service, and others. You can learn more in the webinar, along with questions Jola has for the three panelists, who as international students share their experiences of the support services.

What do you need for the application process?

In the Q&A at the end, Laura touched on the topic of application. She advised students to apply as soon as possible since there are limited spaces in the programs. All applications are made online through the UCD Smurfit School’s website, where you can find detailed information about the documents needed. Depending on the program the requirements may vary but there are a few staples:

  • Online essay questions 
  • Transcripts 
  • CV (could be tailored for your program)
  • References (if needed)
  • English language test (for international students)

The opportunities for your professional career after a Master’s in this prestigious university are endless. To learn more about the benefits of being a UCD Smurfit student and the career advantages it offers its graduates, watch the full webinar.