Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a graduate student in a well-established and highly collaborative US business school? This webinar provides insight into why you might consider Questrom School of Business for your graduate degree.

Guest speakers Maya Howe, Associate Director of MBA Admissions, and Nick SanAngelo, Assistant Director of Specialized Masters Admissions, discuss the full-time MBA and the MS in Management Studies (MSMS) in detail. This is a great opportunity to explore both study options. Is the 9-month MSMS program designed for students with no business background the right fit for you? Or would you rather go for the 2-year full-time MBA for professionals with 2-11 years of work experience?

During the webinar you will also learn about the study experience directly from alumni and current students. Hear from MSMS graduate Jamie Weber and current MBA students Simona Gilman and Shayla Cataldo.

What is the application process?

If Questrom already sounds like your kind of place, you might be interested to know its admission requirements. During the webinar, Nick SanAngelo talks about the main documents you need to prepare when applying to most of Questrom’s graduate programs.

  • Application form
  • Resume
  • Recommendations

While the MSMS program does not require any letters of recommendation, you will need to submit one if you are applying to Questrom’s MBA. When it comes of this aspect of the application, the admissions committee will want to read a recommendation by someone who has worked with you closely and who is able to explain your work ethic.

  • Transcripts
  • GMAT or GRE

Submitting an aptitude test score such as GMAT or GRE is optional at Questrom. Applicants who have a lower academic performance or those who want to highlight their quantitative skills may benefit from sending their GMAT or GRE score.


If you did not study in the US or in an undergraduate program taught in English, you will need to take an English proficiency exam such as TOEFL or IELTS.

  • Essays

For the MBA program at Questrom, applicants have the option to submit either a video essay or a written essay. For the MSMS program, applicants should submit three video essays.

How do video essays work? When you log into Questrom’s online tool, you will be asked a question by an admissions representative. You will then have one minute to think about your answer and 30 seconds to record it.

  • Interview

How Questrom decides on applications

If you are wondering how the admissions committee reviews applications, this is your chance to take a look behind the scenes. Join Nick SanAngelo as he reveals the step-by-step process.

#1. The admissions committee reviews applications holistically.

Every document and certificate you submit will be carefully considered by the school. It is the job of admissions representatives to make sure that they will not miss any piece of your profile.

#2. Decisions are based on the competitiveness of the applicant pool.

The admissions process of the MBA and MSMS programs at Questrom consists of several rounds. Some rounds may be more competitive than others, meaning that the number of applications coming in may differ.

#3. The admissions committee determines how much value you will get from the program.

This is one of the most important assessments during the admissions process. As Nick points out, Questrom has a highly collaborative culture. When the admissions committee reviews applications, they determine whether the work experience or undergraduate background of the applicant are the right fit for the school’s environment.

#4. The admissions committee determines how much value you will bring.

Students pick the program that would help them learn and grow. But giving back is just as important. Admissions representatives will want to find out if applicants are eager to contribute to the classroom with some of their knowledge.

Advice from alumni and current students

Who can better describe life in business school than the people who are currently experiencing it? The guest panelists shared their own perspectives and insights about what made their choice of graduate school program easier.

Shayla Cataldo, MBA Class of 2022, says that she first needed to get to know herself and her own study preferences before jumping to her final MBA decision. She says she focused on what made each of the programs she was applying to unique. This process helped her find her best study fit so that when she had to write her essays and do the interview for Questrom, she was genuinely excited about her application. So try to understand the environment of the business schools you are aiming for and whether they are the right fit for you.

A similar piece of advice is shared by Simona Gilman, Health Sector Management (HSM) MBA Class of 2022. One of the most valuable methods of researching business schools for her turned out to be her conversations with alumni. “Especially with the full-time program, if you are going to commit two years of your life where you are not making a full income – it’s a big undertaking. Making sure you are connecting with folks to understand it is a good fit for you culturally and if it will help you with the career objectives you have is really important,” Simona highlights.

Watch the full webinar recording to access even more insights from the school’s current students, alumni, and admissions representatives.