All collected success stories will become part of a new comprehensive MBA guide. Since getting to know the various characteristics and offerings of business schools can overwhelm even the most determined applicants, an all-encompassing handbook can be extremely valuable. This is why PrepAdviser is launching a series of interactive online guides which will compile the most essential and useful information on top MBA education in Europe. The first guide, which will be published in the summer of 2017, will focus entirely on the full-time MBA programme offered at Alliance Manchester Business School. Each consecutive guide will feature a different school, eventually resulting in a rich online library with exhaustive information for future MBA students.

Manchester MBA success stories

One of the most important features of each guide will be the success stories of business school alumni or current students. In the midst of preparing the first edition dedicated to Alliance Manchester Business School, PrepAdviser is actively seeking graduates from the institution’s full-time MBA programme who would like to contribute with their own stories, guidance, and advice. After all, it is those who have been through the entire process of application, admission, and studies who can share an inside view and a fresh perspective of the programme. These success stories will serve as a natural extension to the overall purpose of the guide in helping candidates prepare the best possible application package. In addition, the alumni who decide to participate and contribute with their insights will be named co-authors of the final version of the electronic publication.

If you would like to participate and become a co-author of the guide, send your Manchester full-time MBA success story to or leave it as a comment below this article.

More about the guide

Apart from presenting information on the history and reputation of the school in more general terms, the guide will also include a specific overview of the MBA programme on offer. Those with an interest in the degree will receive access to the academic calendar, curriculum, specific features of the school’s teaching methods, and details about partnerships with other institutions. Moreover, the guide is being designed with the idea of helping prospective applicants on two levels. On the one hand, they will be able to determine whether the school is the right fit for their own academic aspirations and on the other hand, those who have already made up their minds will benefit from the exhaustive information and advice compiled in the publication. Readers will find out tips on how they can truly stand out from other candidates by getting to know all aspects of the application and admission process of that particular school.


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