Probably you already have the necessary grammar skills to achieve a high score in the GMAT Sentence Correction section, but do you have the correct strategic approach to Sentence Correction which is part of the GMAT Verbal Section? The goal of this lesson is to introduce you to the concept of “Decision Points” (a core element of the Veritas Prep GMAT Sentence Correction methodology) and teach you how to effectively leverage hints from the answer choices to find the correct answer.


Veritas Prep Approach teaches you that GMAT Sentence Correction is about effective problem solving, not about chasing obscure and unimportant grammar rules. The mission of this free video lesson that Veritas offers to you is to make you an expert at recognising common errors and the structures within which the GMAT tends to employ them. Watch the video carefully and become a GMAT Sentence Correction master!

And talking about sentence correction, it is important to say that you should read the entire sentence before you do anything else. Always beware of clauses and other extraneous words that distract from the base structure and framework. And read every word, at least on your initial pass. Figure out what your subject is (and if it’s singular or plural) and use that to potentially eliminate some answer choices.

Also remember that commas are a red flag that signals clauses or phrases. Look for misplaced modifiers, and take note of pronouns. Once you strip away what’s not essential to the sentence framework and structure, you might be surprised by how much more easily the sentence reads.

Another good tip in identifying the right answer is to use the process of elimination. Always have in mind that we don’t write the way we speak, so very often the correct answer is going to be one that doesn’t necessarily roll off your tongue. Remember that the first answer will always be a direct repeat of the original sentence, so skip ahead to the remaining choices. Look for easy elements such as subject-verb agreement, which should eliminate at least one more answer choice.

We hope that these tips will help you during your practice for the GMAT Sentence Correction section!