Overview of the GMAT course

The free online GMAT classes will begin with an in-depth review of the GMAT and how to best prepare for the exam. The next item on the agenda is a thorough review of the Critical Reasoning question type where students will learn how to employ the Veritas Prep SWIM method, which is designed to identify the flaws in arguments and anticipate what the correct answer needs to include. After that, participants will be introduced to the Data Sufficiency questions and taught how to think like the test-maker, using the structure of these questions to avoid trap answers. Each of these sessions will be transmitted live and will include time to ask the instructor questions. The week will conclude with Veritas Prep’s complete pre-recorded Sentence Correction lesson. Every lesson will include supplemental articles and videos as well as homework questions to help reinforce the concepts learned throughout the week.

The course will be taught by Brian Galvin, a leading GMAT instructor and one of the select few who has broken into GMAT's elusive 99th percentile. Veritas Prep’s Smartboard technology platform will host the classes.

Session descriptions

Session 1: High Level Overview of the GMAT – Monday, 12 September, 9:00 am Pacific Time

The intro session offers an introduction to GMAT scoring and question types, and also highlights key critical thinking skills that are necessary for success on the exam. The lesson focuses on “higher-order thinking”, the GMAT’s own description of its aims as an assessment, and demonstrates how that philosophy is tested via each of the exam’s question types. In addition, this session will serve as a launchpad for the deeper lessons to come later in the series.

Session 2: Critical Reasoning – Wednesday, 14 September, 9:00 am Pacific Time

The theme of this lesson is “the testmaker’s blueprint” for Critical Reasoning. Starting from a few elementary arguments and building to some of the (statistically-proven) most difficult problems in the test’s arsenal, the lesson will show how the authors of these problems create each prompt, correct answer, and trap answer, and will provide examinees with the tools to see the structure behind the content on future test-day problems.

Session 3: Data Sufficiency – Friday, 16 September, 9:00 am Pacific Time

This lesson is rooted in strategy, not merely showing students the “rules of the game” on what has traditionally been considered the GMAT’s trickiest family of questions but also demonstrating how those rules can work to a test-taker’s advantage.

About the instructor

Brian Galvin, Vice President of Academics Programmes at Veritas Prep, has a Master’s in Education from the University of Michigan and has studied the GMAT full-time since 2006.

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