With over 28 years of experience, Don Martin has helped over 300 graduate school applicants achieve their professional goals, with a 97% acceptance rate. Don has served as Admissions Dean across various prestigious institutions, including Columbia University (Teachers College), the University of Chicago (Booth School of Business), Northwestern University (Medill School of Journalism), and Wheaton College (IL). He has also made graduate school presentations across North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

As a founder of Grad School Road Map, now Don keeps guiding MBA applicants across numerous disciplines and providing one-on-one application coaching to students, 97% of whom have been admitted to а graduate school program of their choice.

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Waitlisted or denied? It is not personal!

Despite all the insecurities in the business sector amid the coronavirus pandemic, the truth is that MBAs remain a top choice for professionals who want to acquire new skills and advance in their careers. Hence, due to the high competitiveness in the sector, not all applicants get in.

In his webinar, Don talks about effective strategies for responding to being waitlisted or rejected. He also shares his personal experience of being denied admission and tips on how to stay motivated and succeed in your business study journey. And that’s not all! He also shares some invaluable tips on how to finance your education.

What if I am waitlisted?

Waiting to hear from the admission team at the school of your choice can be nerve-wracking. Now imagine being placed on the waiting list!

Don’s first piece of advice is to stop taking it personally. Being waitlisted is not an assessment of your abilities. In fact, it is a good sign, showing that the admission committee believes you can do graduate-level work.  

In case you are waitlisted and are given an opportunity to request feedback, you can do so. Don says, however, that while you can share short work updates with your point of contact or reconfirm your interest in pursuing a degree, you should never dispute their decision.

What if I am denied?

Perhaps one thing is more stressful than being waitlisted: when your application is being denied. Well, as Don knows from his personal experience, this is not the end of the world.

Allow yourself to be disappointed. However, never lose hope or allow anger to override your professional goals. In the end, if you get rejected, you can still reapply in the near future. Simply stick to deadlines and stay organized.

What about financing graduate studies?

You can always reapply after being rejected, but what happens in case you are shortlisted but can’t afford to complete an MBA?

You don’t have to get broke to pursue your goals, Don says. He shares six valuable tips to help you finance your education.

  • Always check your credit score if you apply for loans to show you are financially responsible.
  • Research institutional scholarships even before you start preparing your application.
  • Check outside resources because even small amounts can add up.
  • Consider working at the institution of your choice part-time.
  • Show gratitude and do some good faith negotiating when choosing an institution.
  • Do not forget to continue checking on scholarships after enrolling.

Curious to know more? Simply watch Don’s webinar to get help with planning ahead!