In this webinar, GMAT trainer and admissions consultant at Admit Master Sergey Kouk walks you through everything you need to know about starting business school, including how to select and apply for an MBA program. There are many details you will need to consider and Sergey explains each one in depth so that you can start your preparation in top gear.

If you want to hear the most common questions asked by MBA aspirants, understand the weight of school rankings, or learn how to choose the right school, watch the first half of the webinar recording carefully. It contains excellent insights that will get you in the right mindset for business school preparation.

To learn about the power of storytelling, do not miss the second part of the webinar. This is where Sergey explains how you can structure your personal statement to pique the interest of the admissions committee, which should ultimately carry you to the offer of admission.

How to get into your chosen MBA

Put simply, there are two things you need to do to increase your chances of gaining admission to business school. First, you need to address any red flags in your profile. Having aspects of your application that do not seem right is understandable – for example, you may have a gap in your career. But it is important to address these red flags openly and offer an explanation.

Secondly, you need to prove what makes your profile outstanding. Show what is interesting about you, especially if this is asked in one of the essay questions.

But what about the details? As Sergey explains, admissions committees rely on a holistic process when assessing MBA applicants. This means that they look at factors that can be grouped into three separate “buckets”.

  1. Academics

The first group includes your GPA, school profile, coursework, and GMAT score. The most important takeaway about these is that even if your GPA or coursework are weak, you can compensate with a high GMAT score. The GMAT is your opportunity to show your potential.

  1.  Life experience

According to Sergey, this group includes your work, career growth, and community involvement. Admissions officers will want to know if you are only interested in a higher salary or if you are also passionate about volunteer opportunities. Do you want to make the world a better place? What type of leader are you?

  1. Career potential

Finally, the third group includes three factors about your career potential. First, are your interview skills up to par as the admissions interview is usually the most significant part of the application? Many scholarship decisions also hinge on how well the interview goes.

Then, there is your leadership potential. Have you already been in charge of certain projects at work? Business schools are looking for future leaders and so, they will want to see if you have the potential to become one.

And, of course, the cultural fit is just as important. Applicants need to show that they understand the school’s culture. Do not just copy and paste the same personal statement for different schools because they have their unique values and expectations.

For even more insights on the MBA application process step-by-step, watch the full webinar recording.

About the speaker

Sergey Kouk is a senior coach at Admit Master, one of the leading boutique test preparation, admissions consulting, and career coaching companies in North America. Sergey has experience working with thousands of clients for 10+ years in the MBA admissions consulting industry.

Admit Master was founded in 1998 in Toronto, Canada, the fastest-growing study destination for international students. Wherever you are located, they can provide the highest-quality, personalized learning experience that will help you get a high GMAT score, apply to your dream business school, and achieve your true career potential.

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