This webinar, hosted by UnimyPrep and Audencia Business School, will help you discover the professional opportunities that an MBA in France can provide to business professionals who want to boost or transform their careers.

Michelle Cristy, in charge of international admissions at Audencia Business School, did a great job capturing the essence of the school and its culture.

One of the oldest business schools in Europe

Before Michelle got into detail about the MBA, she told participants a little about the school. Founded in 1900, Audencia is one of the oldest business schools in France and in Europe. It has a Triple Crown accreditation. The main feature distinguishing Audencia from other business schools is that responsible management is deeply ingrained in its DNA. It believes in using management as a tool to improve everything. . “That’s really what we are about,” Michelle said.

Audencia is located in Nantes, the 6th largest city in France. It’s 50 kilometers from the Atlantic and two hours by train from Paris.

Career and networking

Of all 5,600 students, about 34% are international students, coming from more than 100 different countries. The degree of internationalization is even higher for the MBA program. As an MBA student, you will have access not only to the MBA alumni, but all alumni from Audencia.  

The school offers tailored career services as part of the MBA program. Students enjoy individual career coaching, learn about internship and job search techniques, and have a lifetime access to the school’s alumni services. Beyond that, there are also workshops in coaching about different ways of advancing your career, including how to optimize social media such as LinkedIn, how to perfect your elevator pitch and mock job interviews. The MBA itself has a module called Self Leadership, which is working on your soft skill and on you as a manager and a person.   

The full-time MBA

Michelle then got to the heart of the matter, explaining the structure of the program and the different paths students can follow. Watch the video if you want to delve deeper into the program. Here are some highlights: 

  • Classes start in September and end in June
  • Students then work on their final projects from June until September (or even December if they do an internship)
  • The course is taught entirely in English, so no French is required
  • Some of the core modules: the changing business environment, marketing, economics, data analytics
  • Curriculum includes seminars in sustainable business and workshops with the MBA community

For more details on the program structure and other ways the Audencia MBA can help you, watch the webinar recording. Michelle explains everything at length, giving you all the information you need to make a decision.