In this free GMAT Webinar, Veritas Prep will demonstrate what the GMAT is really testing at the 700-level: higher-order thinking. The seminar will take one hour of your time and will teach you to:

  • Think Like The TestmakerTM: How do the authors of the GMAT make high school-level content tricky for grad students, and how can you be ready for it?
  • The Veritas Prep methodology: Emphases on what you can do to take advantage of what you already know.
  • Specific strategies for the Data Sufficiency and Sentence Correction question types, using real data from thousands of students to demonstrate powerful trap answers along with strategies to avoid them.
  • Opportunity to ask specific questions about the GMAT, or review any concepts not already covered, in live time.

Host of the seminar will be Brian Galvin, VP of Academics

A little bit about the host:


Since receiving his Masters in Education from the University of Michigan Brian Galvin has studied the GMAT full time since 2006 as the Vice President of Academics for Veritas Prep. Combining his professional achievements with his personal hobbies as an Ironman and stand-up comedian, Brian might very well be the foremost expert on the GMAT in the world.

Date: Wednesday,  14 June, 2016, 8 pm ET