This video of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School presents two MBA graduates – Lalit Pedakota from India and Andrew Quan from Australia – talking about their internship experience.

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A shortcut to a dream job

Andrew and Lalit discuss how the MBA summer internship phase launched their post-MBA careers and changed their lives.  After the internships they were both offered a position in the companies they worked for.

Lalit says that MBA internships are good for those who want to switch industries or positions because it is a really good way to prove yourself in a new field. The internship will give you a chance to prove your skillset.

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How summer MBA internships help you

Andrew shares that he wouldn’t have had the chance to work for such a big company as PayPal if he hadn’t done his internship. He is talking mainly about the process he went through to get the internship in PayPal. He was very happy that he received a job offer after the internship because it was a great opportunity for him. He manages strategic new ventures at the company and is very satisfied at the outcome of his summer MBA internship opportunity.

Internships are a flexible opportunity to gain hands-on experience in different positions, sectors and companies related to your education. They are a practical tool to develop skills and attitudes and test how suited they are to the employers’ demands, as well as to your personal preferences.

Thus, an internship will help you adjust both your studies and career development plans. In addition, having done an internship makes a huge difference in your communication with future employers – you already have your real examples, success stories, achievements and lessons learned in a business environment. This creates a common language with the recruiters.

It is never too early to opt for an internship

Undergraduate internships are a good first step to your first full-time job. Often you can stay with the same company after your internship. Doing a voluntary internship also shows that you are committed to gaining practical knowledge and achieving results, and that you are active and open to opportunities, learning and development.

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